Foundation of Purdue Mechatronics

Purdue Mechatronics Club was founded by avid programmer and inventor Dominick Lee in August 2014.  After Dominick founded the LifeBeam Technology Club in his high school,  he moves on to Purdue University to guide computer science and engineering students to collaborate in making new innovations. Purdue Mechatronics is an extraordinary student organization which comprises skilled graduates in mechatronics to facilitate with the club experience. We are dedicated to providing an exciting and informative experience for members who wish to improve their projects and skills. Come stop by one of our club meetings to see what we can do for you!

I want to take my skills to the highest potential. I feel that innovation plays an important role in education.Dominick Lee

Our Team

Wee have experienced Club Officers to help you with all your mechatronic needs. We are proud to mention each and every club officer for their dedication and diligent contribution.

Dominick Lee

Luigi Moca
Vice President

Atusunje Farai Kawatira

Siddarth Inani
Executive Associate

Felix Xiaozhu Lin
Club Advisor and Staff

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