Why join Purdue Mechatronics?

  • Free pizza at certain events
  • Latest demonstrations in new technology
  • Build connections with people in the field
  • Enhance your resume
  • Learn how to make a product
  • Learn about entrepreneurship in mechatronics
  • Learn about Arduino and Microcontrollers
  • Learn how to write and file a patent
  • Learn about 3D printing
  • Get discounted Arduinos, components, and hoodies
  • Get afforable programming tutoring
  • Get affordable math tutoring

Who can join?

In general, all students are highly welcomed to register to become members as long as they show an interest in Mechatronics, engineering, and/or computer science. There are no restrictions for student registration, regardless of academic standing. We do not particularly select members since we welcome all students to join. However, our organization appreciates students that can contribute their knowledge and share their projects with the club. In other words, if you consider yourself a hacker, programmer, coder, tinkerer, or even a bit tech savvy, you’re in the club!

How do I become a member?

Purdue Mechatronics club membership is free. To sign up as a member, click here
To sign up as a club officer, send an email to pmtr @ purdue.edu

What are my responsibilities?

Members in this organization are expected to respect the club and other fellow colleagues in the club. It is expected that all University rules and policies are followed. At Purdue Mechatronics Club we respect those who wish to give advice, suggestions, and constructive criticism in the condition that these concerns are discussed in a professional, reasonable, and non-aggressive manner. Any conduct other than such aforementioned is prohibited. Members are expected to be leaders as much as club officers. Although members may not have a highly active responsibility, members are still expected to show up to regular club events and meetings.