SparkRover is an open-source robotics kit that allows you to develop a palm-sized rover from off-the-self parts that cost only $100. This rover is designed to be a cheaper and more functional alternative to the Parallax BOEBOT. The SparkRover features an on-board LiPo rechargeable battery, Bluetooth module, Arduino Nano, and ultrasonic sensors. With these components, the robot is able to drive autonomously and avoid walls. In addition, users will learn how to control this robot via an Android app. Suffice it to say, the SparkRover teaches students the basics about Arduino, robotics, sensors, servos, and wireless communication. This kit contains everything you need to create a SparkRover robot. The SparkRover is a robot that you will want to use again and again. We will discuss and learn about this during club meetings.

Halloween Party Station

The Halloween Party Station is an award-winning project created at BoilerMake 2015 Hackathon by club officers Dominick Lee, Vignesha Bhamidi, and Harun Sentosa. The inspiration for this project is the passion and desire to create a human-machine interactive device in a party setting to bring an upbeat sensation through game interaction with musical lights. While brainstorming for ideas for the hackathon, we came across a lot of cool technologies and party events in which such interactive technologies were used. When people go to a concert of party, the sound/audio is only half the story. The visuals are the other half of the story. Most professional stage light controllers are pre-set with fixed light sequences. What we noticed is that an interactive device which would sync with the music being played and involve the user in controlling operation of several exciting tasks is missing. With Halloween being around the corner, we decided to design and develop a Halloween party station that could interact with the user in a way that can memorize the audience. 
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Purdue BoilerRover

The Purdue BoilerRover was proudly made by a team of Purdue University students. Our team’s goal was to create an intuitive assistant robot which can be controlled by Android devices, Leap Motion gestures, and virtually any computer. Through comprehensive self-corrective programming, our team was able to build a wireless indoor transportation platform which is ideal for use in hospitals, offices, classrooms, and many other environments. With our use of embedded hardware and mechatronics, we have created a custom open source solution that could change the way we interact with robotics. This platform can be used for moving objects, assisting the physically disabled, and assisting surgeons. Future additions to the BoilerRover may advantageously include the ability for full autonomous sensing and relative positioning. Suffice it to say, with the BoilerRover, you can quickly control a robot at your fingertips!
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OmniWake is a light control system that effectively wakes you up in the morning by turning on the lights automatically. This project is compact and scalable, allowing anyone to easily create using 3D printed parts and DIY circuitry. With OmniWake, you'll wake up to the ambiance of the sunrise at the exact time you want. RGB LED strips are often controlled by infrared remotes that emit a certain signal. Most lamps are powered by an AC outlet that can be triggered by conventional wireless outlets. By saving such wireless signals, we can create a smartphone-synced alarm that can trigger the lights at a time you want.